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Wind Mitigation Inspection Company in Naples, FL

Home owners can save from 5 - 70% of your wind storm insurance premiums depending on you homes construction features. Different construction features are documented in a report for you to turn into your insurance agent and evaluated by your insurance company to check for available discounts on your premiums. Depending on the outcome of the report and discounts offered. This usually pays for the report within a year. We also offer discounts on the inspection when done in conjunction with a full home inspection. For more information on wind mitigation, see the attached link. 

Wind Mitigation Information

Four Point Inspection 

Some Insurance Company's require this inspection before insuring older homes, usually homes that are 25 years and older. Items inspected are Air Conditioning and Heating, Electrical, Plumbing and Roofing. Discounts are offered for this inspection when done in conjunction with a full home inspection. Note: Although these areas are covered in a normal home inspection, insurance company's may require this report to be completed to qualify. Check with your Insurance agent to see requirements. 

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